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How to take HDR Photos with D3200

What is High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography?

Though still a very new concept, the HDR photography is fast becoming one of the most popular art forms. There is a simple reason behind this. An HDR image competes with a person’s mental imagery. And though an HDR image cannot substitute physically being at the location and witnessing the views directly, the photographs do take a step in that very direction. What an HDR image does is that it tricks the mind into reproducing some of the emotions that a live seen would have produced, through the pictures in a way that a normal image can never do. Let us find out more about it.
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NIkon D3200 Review / Overview

The Nikon D3200 is the latest entry level DSLR that is being offered by Nikon. Of the many features, the one that stands out is undoubtedly the 24MP CMOS sensor that places the D3200 at par with the Alpha SLT-A65, A77 and NEX-7 from Sony as all of these offer the largest pixel sizes in the APS-C sensor size. Apart from this the D3200 is only second to Nikon’s D800, which is a professional level camera, in terms of output resolution. What makes the camera even more attractive is the fact that such a powerful camera is available from $699. This makes the camera a very competitive product, if not a revolutionary product.
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