Nikon D3200 Basics

If you have recently bought a D3200 or plan to do so, you should be well aware of the features of this amazing camera from Nikon. Loaded with some of the best and most recent features, the D3200 is a pleasure to use. Read on to know more about the camera.

SET UP MENU (Menu > Set Up)

To access the set up menu, you have to go to the orange wrench tab.

Formatting of the Card

Though not compulsory, it is advisable to format any card that you insert into the camera. This will help you work with a clean and risk-free card to store your data on.

Format of Info Display

Choose the format you like the best for the LCD.

Image Comment

This is a very useful feature to store the copyrighted details such as name, website, etc in the EXIF of all the images. To do this, select the ‘Input Comment’ option. Then you have to enter the text you want in the file. Next, press ‘Attach Comment’. Before you exit, don’t forget to press ‘DONE’ followed by ‘OK’ to have your comment saved.


You can have it on or off (default setting in the D3200 is ‘ON’).

File Number Sequence

It is advisable to keep this ON, though the default setting keeps it OFF. If it is not switched on, files will begin at 0001.JPG whenever you format or inset a new card.


This camera does not have an external control panel for the AF, other than the autofocus area selector at the back. This however is only found in some models. Therefore the only real autofocus switch is found on the lens.

Autofocus Area Modes

As a highly advanced camera, the D3200 is equipped to understand which autofocus area to apply. In the finder, those very areas are then highlighted. In most cases the application is spot on, but if you feel it isn’t, you can alter the modes.

The selection has to be done manually. To do this, select INFO> select ‘i’ button to choose the settings towards the screen’s right side > select the white colored box of AF area mode > select OK. This gives you further options such as Single-point AF, marked with a [o] symbol, Dynamic-area AF, marked with a  [ – o – ] symbol, 3D-tracking AF, marked with a 3D symbol.

Single-Point AF

With the help of this feature, only one autofocus point is selected. The camera then uses just that 1 sensor to focus on the object.

Dynamic-area AF

This mode is similar to the single point mode, the only difference being that the focus points are allowed to move to pin point an object in motion.

3D-tracking AF

This is again similar to the above two modes, but is more efficient. The camera is equipped to see images in great depth and color. It also does well to spot an object in motion in the region of the finder.

Auto-area AF

As the default setting, the Auto-area AF is a useful feature. This works well both for amateurs as well as professionals as the D3200 guesses the right focus needed for the objects and shoots wonderful images.

Video Settings (Movie)

  • Click the Live View (LV) option on the rear. The LCD is switched on and the image appears on it.
  • To have the image focused clearly, press the shutter button halfway down.
  • A red button is found close to the shutter and with that you can start and stop it.

To select the desired resolution as well as the quality of the video, go to the menu option.

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