Nikon D3200 VS Nikon D3100

The D3200 is the newest DSLR available from the house of Nikon. It is a camera packed with some great features and comes with the best available sensor – the 24 MP CMOS sensor. Priced at $699, the camera is ideal for those people who like shooting great pictures without spending a lot of money on expensive cameras. As compared to its immediate predecessor, the very well-loved Nikon D3100, the D3200 is a camera that brings with it a number of modifications and upgradations. Price wise, it is just about $150 more than the D3100.

1. Comparison of ISO and Sensor
The most prominent difference in the two cameras, the D3100 and the D3200, is the megapixel increase. While the D3100 is 14.2 MP, the D3200 is a 24 MP DX Format CMOS sensor. Apart from the D800 (which has a 36 MP sensor), the D3200 is the camera that has the highest MP sensor and therefore has a fantastic resolution. This comes in handy when full sized images are cropped.
In regards to the ISO, the high ISO setting of about 6400 is easily supported by the D3200. The D3100 however only supports an ISO of 3200. Therefore in low light conditions, a D3200 shoots better images than its predecessor, the D3100.

It is common knowledge that Nikon only uses EXPEED processors in their DSLRs. While the D3100 was fitted is an EXPEED 2 processor, the D3200 is equipped with an EXPEED 3 processor. This ensures higher speeds in the camera leading to better quality images. The D3100 is capable of capturing shots at 3FPS where as the D3200 can do the same at 4FPS because of the EXPEED 3 processor.
3. Comparison of video recording
As the first camera from Nikon to offer the feature of HD video recording with uninterrupted AF, the D3100 created quite a ripple. Here the video recording is done at 24FPS. The features have been improved considerably in the D3200 and now the HD videos can be captured at 30FPS. While you can record a maximum of 10 minutes in a D3100, you can record for 20 minutes at a stretch in a D3200.
4. Comparison of shooting mode and image editing
The D3100 is an easy to use camera with simple features similar to point and shoot cameras that make it easy for first times users of DSLR cameras. The D3200 has an even simpler and user friendly mode. Additionally, the D3200 has a feature where images can be edited on the camera itself. This feature was not present in the D3100.
5. Comparison of WiFi compatibility
The D3200 has a feature that is not present in any other Nikon DSLR, including the D3100 – it has provisions for a WiFi transmitter. The WU-1a can be inserted in the USB port and the camera can be controlled from remote locations using a smart device (phone or tablet). This is a wonderful new feature of the D3200 and it definitely sets the D3200 apart from its predecessor.

Apart from the above mentioned points, there are some other differences between the D3100 and the D3200 cameras from Nikon. For example, the LCD display is better and clearer in the D3200. While the D3100 has a 230K LCD display, the D3200 has a 921K LCD display. External microphones can be attached to the D3200, a feature not found in the D3100. This provides for clearer voice recording in videos. So with a mere $150 difference in price, it can be said that opting for a Nikon D3200 camera is a better option today simply because this camera has many more features than its predecessor, the D3100.

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